• Emma Jones

Valentine's Day Self(ish) Love and Care

Self-care was one of the personal development community's buzzwords of 2019, but there was a lot of debate about what falls into the self-care category.

Personally, I believe that anything you thoroughly enjoy and is beneficial to your well-being falls under this umbrella. This can be taking a nice relaxing bath with a book or going out to party with your friends. It can be staying in to meditate or experiencing a 7-course Michelin star restaurant.

To me, self-care ALWAYS falls under the "treat yourself" category because I am prioritizing myself and what will benefit me at that moment over whatever else I can be doing with that time (i.e. working, helping out a family member, meeting up with a friend).

And with Valentine's Day right around the corner - whether you have a loved one to celebrate with or are flying solo - this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to some self-care.

So in true Geminii style, here is my list of self(ish) ways to treat and care for yourself and/or your significant other this Valentine's Day:

  • Do something to bring out your inner child - laser tag, trampoline park, arcade, bowling, board game

  • Sleep in or go to sleep early

  • Find a fancy restaurant or hotel in your area, get dressed up and order appetizers and drinks at the bar (because who wants to deal with a restaurant reservation or "special menu" on Valentine's!)

  • Buy bouquets of flowers that make you happy and put them around your house

  • Massage (this doesn't have to be expensive, you can likely find cheap massage places in your area or even check out nail salons to get a hand and foot massage)

  • Cook (or order) your favorite comfort food and stay in

  • Go to your favorite place in nature and enjoy the scenery (bonus points for a picnic)

  • Write yourself (or each other) love notes, be honest and express what you really appreciate and love about yourself (or them)

  • Spa night in or take a trip to the spa

  • Buy yourself (or your significant other) something you have wanted for a while

  • Take a luxurious bath with a glass of wine and Netflix or a book

  • Tap into your artistic side - paint, draw, find a pottery or glass blowing studio, play with legos, get creative!

  • Karaoke night

  • Set up a cozy spot, light candles, set out your crystals, all the works and meditate or journal

Do something that helps you destress - no matter what that is. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed at any point along the way, something has gone wrong... pivot! The goal is to come out feeling invigorated and recharged.

I would love to hear from you - how do you choose to treat yourself and your significant other this Valentine's Day?

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