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Set Yourself up for Success: Tips for setting failsafe goals (part II)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

In the last post we spoke about setting a solid foundation for goals by ensuring they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). In this post, we are going to talk about how to ensure you reach your goal by putting in failsafe structures to give you support on your journey.


We now have a beautifully crafted goal to work towards but what is the importance of this goal? Why is achieving this important. Without knowing why you are working towards something it is easy to get distracted and forget why you wanted this to begin with. Dig deep here, the goal should align to your core values and beliefs. Even with the smallest, most trivial goals you need to know why you want this in order to keep motivated when times get tough and to make sure that you are going to feel a sense of fulfillment and achievement when you do finally succeed!

___(something negative that derails you)__ & SUPPORT

Ok so we know what we want and why we want it, the next step to fool-proof goal setting is to think about everything that can get in your way and keep you from reaching your goal.

This is both internal and external factors that can derail you. Some examples are

Internal (tired, procrastination) External (friends want to hang out, boss needs you to stay late, kid wants you to help them with their homework).

Now, for every item that you thought of that could possibly keep you from succeeding, think about at LEAST one mitigation tactic to keep this from throwing you off your game. Maybe you need to be flexible with your schedule or maybe you need to be firm in setting your boundaries with others. Whatever it is, coming up with ways to overcome the distractions before you encounter them will help you to stay strong and stay the course.

Finally, come up with a list of support systems that will help you in your endeavors. Some suggestions are finding an accountability partner [link to services], setting alarms on your phone, putting reminders on your calendar, hanging a picture of your goal somewhere you will see it every day.

Creating structures to help support your goal will keep you focused on the prize. Combine this with having a well defined goal that will help you achieve something meaningful and you are all set up for success!

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