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Self-Improvement & Healing in the Time of COVID-19: how to put your time in quarantine to good use

One of the words I use to describe myself is resilient. (*Well, to be 100 with you, the word I actually use is adaptable, but this is a synonym and works better in this context - roll with me here!) Anyway, the definition of resilient is "the ability to withstand or quickly recover from difficult conditions."

I think we can all agree we have been putting this planet, the one that sustains us and nourishes us, through hell for a good amount of time. Between the mass manufacturing, our transportation systems, water usage, food consumption, the list goes on and on - we have been quickly wreaking havoc on the earth.

However, when you look around today (during our hiatus from normal life) you see how resilient our home really is! Air quality is improving, animal fostering has increased 70%, and while the rumor about dolphins returning to Venitian canals may be fake news, the water quality has improved to the point of being able to actually see wildlife in the previously murky water.

We should mirror our incredible planet and use this time to regenerate in whatever way WE need to as individuals.

When you think back to the last quarter of 2019, what were you complaining about? What were your main pains?

Some trends I picked up from my clients were

  • stress and a general sense of overwhelm

  • no time to focus on themselves or their passions

  • frustration that they weren't able to work on life goals because of their career or family obligations

  • not sure how to achieve the life they wanted

  • guilty they wanted "more" when they had a "good" life already

Any of these sound like you?

We, as a global society, have been given this GOLDEN opportunity to take a step back from reality and focus on ourselves.

Drawing a blank? Start here

  • Was your social calendar and all it's obligations wearing you thin? Take this time to rest and recuperate.

  • Did you consistently find yourself at work way past the time you were meant to go home? Set strict boundaries now that you are working from home and sign off at the proper time.

  • Did your commute take up all the time that you would have in the day to focus on your hobbies? Well you sure as hell shouldn't be commuting anywhere now, use that time to focus on your craft!

They always say you should look for the silver lining in any situation, but in my opinion, this is the golden egg itself!

We have hit the jackpot, we just need to open our eyes to all the amazing opportunities this situation provides each and every one of us with.

And for even more inspiration, here are some examples of how I have been putting this gift to use:


- Learning more about online marketing through B School

- Joined a group coaching program to help grow my business

- Unsubscribing from all the random junk mail my various email accounts receive

- Decluttering the house


- Slowly stretching myself into a side-split (which I have always wanted to be able to do! (Check out my Instagram @geminiicoaching to watch my "split journey" in my stories)


- Reconnecting with people I haven't talked to in years (and probably never would have if a literal pandemic hadn't broken out)


- Working on developing my embroidery skills with the help of Skillshare (if you sign up now, they have a promotion going for two free months)

- Learning how to play "go"

- Practicing the classic "cat-eye"

Getting into the practice of doing the things you enjoy while you have the time to do them will help you stick to these habits when life goes back to normal - or leave you with a new skill! (Because that day may come when you find yourself pining for the days of quarantine!)

Incorporating activities that bring joy into your day is the KEY to living a fulfilling and happy life!

My business coach said something to me recently that resonated so deeply, I have it on a post-it note at my desk and will share with you: "The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your individual days". Now I don't know if this is something he came up with on the fly or if it is some famous quote, but in my opinion, truer words have never been spoken.

So, carpe the fucking diem and start doing what you love NOW. Not only will it make you feel better about being quarantined but you will be crafting the template for a high-quality life for yourself to stick to once this is all over.

And, as always, if you ever want help or guidance on your journey to creating a dope ass life, I am here to assist. Click here to schedule a complimentary strategy session to get clear on your goals and what you need to achieve them!

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