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Five Ways To Be More Productive When Working From Home

Working from home is TOUGH!

I remember back when I worked in an office I would NEVER choose to work from home.

ESPECIALLY living alone in a NYC apartment - being able to get out and move about, interact with people AND get free snacks?

I’m sorry…. Why wouldn’t I be going to the office?

I mean don’t get me wrong, I loved my apartment, and I love being alone (most of the time).

However, working from home was just SO DAMN DISTRACTING.

I was so unproductive and would get distracted by everything

🍔 Eat all day

🧽 Clean the most random things that never got cleaned

🧹 Then clean the things that I always clean

🧺 Then find something else to clean

🛒 Oh wait and let me just run to the grocery store

It was a mess and nothing would get done.

SO when I then found myself working from home when I started Geminii, I was secretly terrified I would never be able to get anything done.

And I was so wrong. I just had to put some structure in place (which took time).

Things that worked for me in other settings didn’t work for me from home because the distractions were completely different. (Especially since I travel almost constantly, my environment that I am working from is also constantly changing.)

Here are some things that have helped me remain productive at various points, try them out and see if they work for you!

  1. Have a designated working space, ideally a desk: I cannot stress how important this is (for me at least). If I am sitting at my desk, it is time to work. If you don’t have a desk, you can make one from either boxes or random things you have around the house, or just repurpose the dining room table, a kitchen island or even a bedside table… get creative if you need to

  2. Keep your workspace clean and as decluttered as possible: Often, it is what I am seeing out of my peripheral vision that is what is most distracting, keeping this space clutter free is a game changer in my opinion

  3. Know when you are most productive for certain tasks: If you get sleepy in the afternoon - don’t leave the report you have to write till then

  4. Get up and move: Schedule breaks into your work. More than you would at the office but maybe less frequent. If you are like me and small tasks around the house start to distract you, do small tasks during these breaks. (5 minute break to do dishes 2 hours later 5 minute break to fold laundry, etc)

  5. Set an intention for the day, write it down either the night before or first thing in the morning: On both a conscious and sub-conscious level this really helps. Consciously, if my intention is something I need to do, I know it will get done. If it is more of a vibe - ie be courteous and kind - it kind of sticks with me on a subconscious level

Bonus Sharing a space with others? Find a way to block them out, even if it means doing your work from the bathroom

And, if you are looking for even MORE tips check out my article Five Daily Habits to Improve Productivity When Working From Home!

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