Starting to think the 4-Hour workweek

(or even workday)

is an Urban legend?

Have the freedom to live your life

THIS is not what you envisioned when you pictured entrepreneurship:

  • Tied to your desk, unable to enjoy the free-time that you imagined you’d have

  • Stressed out by your business processes (or lack thereof!)

  • Overwhelmed with EVERYTHING on your plate

And as a result, watching life pass you by while everyone else seems to be living theirs.


You followed your passion because you knew it could lead you to fulfillment AND freedom, but find yourself working longer and harder than the cubicle job you escaped from.


“Emma allowed me the space to identify what would be most beneficial to focus on to break out of my daily grind.”


“She is attentive, engaging, genuine and resourceful. She’s been instrumental in leading me through establishing ways to make meaningful and sustainable changes. The clarity I’ve gained through Emma’s coaching has been invaluable. I leave each session feeling empowered and energized!”

“Thanks to my conversations with Emma, I’ve been able to channel my energy more constructively to run my two businesses with even more precision.”


“Emma is a fantastic coach. She has an amazing ability to build rapport, get to core issues, and to co-project manage my life.” 

- Sarah, New York

- Andrew, Indiana

There will always be something “more urgent” (if you let it),
but with a few tweaks you can finally
be living a life you don’t want an escape from.