Hold up, there's more!

Geminii's AAA Framework is going to set you up for a successful year

(year after year!)

But if you are looking for even MORE support as you work towards your goals you are going to want to check this out...

Goals into Action


Goals into Action walks you through how to create a detailed & comprehensive action plan for ANY goal.

This distills 10 years of Project Management expertise into easy-to-follow steps that will hold your hand as you work to achieve any goal imaginable by turning it into a solid, actionable plan.


As an add-on to Plan Your Year, you can get Goals Into Action for just $11

What's included:

  • Trello board that walks you through each step of the Action Plan creation process

  • Guidance on both technical and non-technical tools you can use to design and manage your action plans

  • Quick and easily digestible video with support on building out an Action Plan where I walk through examples of one technical and one non-technical action plan

Whether you prefer to plan with sticky-notes on your wall, or a cloud-based project management system, this will take you through the exact steps to build out action plans for your goals,

no matter how wild or crazy!

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