STOP living for the peanut gallery

with all their opinions of how you should live your life

It's time to live on your OWN terms

because a life filled with your passions and desires is within reach

It’s possible to have it all—but your version of that is going to look different than anyone else's.

What they don't tell you growing up is that life can be anything you want it to be.

Sure, they tell you "you can be anything you want to be".

But never "you can LIVE how you want— in EVERY way!"

But the truth is

The quality of your life comes down

to the quality of your individual days

So instead of waiting around for the "right time" (or a fairy godmother) to magically appear, it's time to grab life by the crystal balls and show it who's boss!

(yes, I'm talking to YOU!)

I'm here to help Marie Kondo your world, so you keep the things that bring you joy and clear out the thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Society makes it seem like we should be able to figure everything out on our own.


But we all need help along the way— whether it is a sounding board, a cheerleader, or a (gentle) kick in the ass to help keep you moving in the right direction. This is where a coach comes in.

Creative Design

A space where Life Management + Mindset = Manifesting YOUR best life

1:1 weekly or bi-weekly coaching focused 100% on you and what you want in YOUR life.

Working towards the shifts or adjustments you can make to enjoy your life to the fullest.

This is all about you, we are all different and need different levels of support—know that whichever package you go with, the purpose is to keep you focused on your goals and always moving forward towards them with tailor-made, realistic actions that you define in the sessions.


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limited availability

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SHOW UP AND BE authentically YOU


  1. Trying out what has worked for everyone else

  2. Waiting around hoping the problem will fix itself "when [xyz] is no longer a factor" (when I get a promotion, when my kids grow up, when I have more time)

  3. Ignoring your intuition screaming you want MORE for yourself because you feel this is a selfish desire (I mean, your life isn't so bad... is it?)

When you can create a solution that is tailor-made for YOU

Accountability and Follow Through

$360 / month

Focus on accountability and overcoming obstacles that always seem to throw you off track on your way to achieving your dreams. You know how to get where you want to be but you follow through better with a buddy or drill sergeant to keep you on course.

--> 60 minute kickoff session

--> 30 minute sessions (every week)

Personal Discovery

$360 / month

Focus on diving deeper into patterns and what actions to implement to get you where you want to be. Sessions are spaced out in order to provide time for you to implement actions and adjustments (and then marinate on how they feel in your life).

--> 60 minute kickoff session

--> 60 minute sessions (every other week)

Busy QueenBee

$360 / month

For the busy QueenBee who just doesn't have the time but still wants to take big action towards the life you envision—this is for YOU!

--> 60 minute kickoff session

--> 30 minute sessions (every other week)

--> Up to one hour of voice messages / text support (per month)

High Achiever

$720 / month

Weekly deep dive with accountability. Sometimes you just want to get "there" a little big faster and are ready to throw yourself FULL FORCE into change. Whether you are over your current circumstances and want to see change QUICK, or are looking to take a long hard look inward, I am here for you!

--> 60 minute kickoff session

--> 60 minute sessions (every week)

For the same amount you spend on food to nourish your body

you can start nourishing your soul by living a life you love

... which really, when you think about it, is priceless

*Spaces are numbered to ensure impeccable service

Emma gives me a supportive and safe environment in which I am encouraged to come closer to my essence.

She is definitely authentic and full of positive energy and I am grateful to be able to call her my personal coach. I look forward to our every session!

Marja, Bali

Emma is observant, compassionate, genuine, and insightful. 
She has the ability to assess a situation with laser focus, and is courageous enough to ask the hard questions that expose those patterns of thought that trip me up, all while providing a safe space where I feel listened to with honest care and kindness. I love working with Emma!

Camille, Idaho


And just who am I?

I have what you need to live the life you want to live in a practical, approachable, and actionable manner.

If you resonated with waiting for your fairy godmother to show up, then I have arrived!

We all have things that we want to improve in our lives... what is it you have always wanted to improve, ditch or amplify? (But maybe felt it was selfish to prioritize over what everyone else "requests" or expects of you in life).

With 10 years experience in software project management and two years as a Certified Professional Coach, I help you make the small tweaks to your life that have BIG impact—like a chiropractic adjustment for your life.

As a coach, I hold space for you to explore what YOU really want, who YOU want to be,

and what YOU want to contribute to the world in your lifetime.

We all hold these answers within ourselves, I help you uncover them by reading between the lines, mirroring your thoughts back to you, and yes, when necessary, calling you on your bullshit (in the most loving way!).

This partnership will help

  • Hold you accountable to achieving these dreams

  • Support you as you encounter and overcome obstacles

  • Identify the limiting stories or beliefs you have been told or have created that now color all aspects of your life

So that you can live a life that is fully in alignment with YOUR TRUE SELF.


IS for you if you

  • Want more out of life for yourself than what you have now

  • Are ready to make yourself top priority in your life

  • Acknowledge that getting what you want is going to require changes to how you are currently managing your life

  • Are ready to be pushed out of your comfort zone and know that sacrifices may be necessary

Is NOT for you if you

  • Not willing to make changes

  • Make excuses why you can’t be the number one priority in your life

  • Not willing to explore and experiment

  • Are interested in exploring the past and events in the past (see FAQ)

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Coaching can help you break free of patterns and create new habits & perspectives that will support you WHEREVER YOU ARE at this stage in your life—and who you want to be moving forward.

Once you are clear on your priorities, we work to make those the prominent components in your life.

Through this process, you will learn to prioritize what is most important to you so you don't waste any more time. AND the confidence and ease to stand your ground without feeling guilty or anxious about it.



of your life and make yourself a priority. 

  • Get guided support and personal feedback from an expert to understand what is required to support the life you want for yourself

  • Have your hand held through the whole process, all advice customized to your specific situation and needs

  • Design routines in your personal life that allow you to spend your time on the things you want to be spending your time on

Modern Dancer

It's time for you to decide - are you ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work now to get what you want in life?



No worries! You show up with a vision of what you are after and I help you achieve it.


Sometimes you just need a sounding board, a cheerleader, or a kick in the ass to finally take the steps that result in you achieving your dreams. I hold space for you, a time for you to fully focus on you; clear the noise and influence of everything around you and tap into your true intuition. Between your expertise in yourself and my unbiased perspective and coaching expertise, we will be a winning team to help you get whatever you want for yourself.


I specifically work with my clients remotely in order to make sessions as convenient as possible. All you have to do is show up to the calls, then the “work” is you implementing solutions into your life to free up more of your time. You are this far down on the page so the question should be, can you really keep going the way things are now?


To oversimplify it, therapy tends to look towards the past (and events in the past) in order to determine why we feel or are certain ways. Coaching, on the other hand, looks to the present and future; how do we move forward with what we have to get what we want.


You can drop a message directly through the contact page

Or send an email to

You can also check me out over on Instagram @geminiicoaching

Dedicating time to personal fulfillment will help you feel balanced, relaxed, happy (like sand under your feet at the beach), which will trickle down into every other area of your life, making you an even better version of yourself!