Hey there, Emma Jones here!

I am an ex-cartographer and project manager-turned-personal coach.


Okay Emma, so you’re a life coach?


Yes, but it goes deeper than that…


​After working for almost ten years as a project manager, I realized I had been ignoring what I have known since I was a child. I wasn’t meant to take a traditional path through life.


I jumped from company to company, city to city, looking for balance and fulfillment. Sometimes finding balance and other times finding fulfillment, I was never able to find the perfect fit for my desired lifestyle. I found myself working with no breaks, year after year, just so I could save up my vacation days to take the immersive trips around the world that make me happy. The memories from those trips would hold me over during the next grueling year spent stockpiling my PTO days until I could take my next month-long trip.

Then I realized there is nothing stopping me from designing the life I want for myself other than me.


I took a year to wrap up existing commitments and mentally prepare myself for not having a steady paycheck, something that was absolutely terrifying to me. I quit my cushy job that offered great pay and benefits and packed up my rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan so I could travel and figure out my next steps.


As I got closer to my departure date, I heard a lot of opinions being voiced. 


“Wow, I wish I could do what you’re doing.” They meant that they wish they, too, could walk away from a good paycheck to find their ideal life. What I told each and every one of those people, and what I’ll tell you, is that you can! And I mean it. 

​We never stop growing, we never stop changing, and there is nothing wrong with wanting more.

The only difference between me and the people wishing they could do what I’m doing is that I am not afraid to go after what I want. I was content with my life in New York, but I don’t want to be content. I want to be inspired, filled with joy and feel fulfilled in every aspect of my life. I want to wake up excited about my day, not dreading the work I have to do in order to afford living.


I know it’s not everyone’s dream to quit their job, travel the world and start a business. The one thing everyone does want, especially in the “disruptor generations,” is the opportunity to either define themselves or to remain undefined.

I want to help people find their version of their perfect life; a life that they have consciously designed. It doesn’t have to be the same path they have numbly walked since they were old enough to understand the pressures of family and society. It doesn't have to be a generic expectation of what success is supposed to look like.


The perfect life does not look the same for everyone. However, I have found common threads, no matter what your personal journey is.


  • Mastering your mentality in order to overcome any obstacle, physical or psychological

  • Identifying what is missing in your life to help you feel more balanced and fulfilled

  • Remaining accountable to yourself in order to reach your goals

  • Becoming more efficient by creating systems and structures, automations and delegations in order to get to that next level

I have done all of these things time and time again for myself. I am confident that I can help others do the same. In fact, I already have!


Are looking for more but aren’t sure what that looks like to you? Or do you know what it is you want but not how to achieve it? I’m here to support you. If you are ready to take your life back into your own conscious hands, book your discovery session and find out how I can be of assistance to you.


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